Crazy Cat Lady

5.0 | 4 REVIEWS
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Our adorably awkward cat lady met the recipient long ago (while taking driver’s license photos at the DMV) and instantly fell in love when she noticed cat hair on his shirt. Since then, this cute kitty has secretly stalked her prey, gathering all kinds of personal info, ready to pounce. Dressed in her best party attire, she’s finally built up her nerve, on this special occasion, to reveal her true feelings in song and purrs. She presents his object of affection with awkward flirtations and propositions, playful feline antics, plush kittens, a keepsake party hat and kazoo, and leads the group in a familiar song to commemorate the occasion. She finally reveals that it wasn’t just her own heart that brought her to there when she reads your personal message on the souvenir telegram card.